19 September 2011

Right shoulder blues

This is an X-ray of my right shoulder, imaged today in preparation for the MRI-arthrogram that followed, when they shoved me into the magnetic oven for forty minutes to watch the dye (that black streak in the center) seep into the socket to see if any of it leaked out.

Another Humpty-Dumpty piece we're trying to put back together again after my tumble just before Memorial Day. Once the Lyme Disease cleared away, I found that I could no longer reach the top shelf of the cabinets in my kitchen — felt like something was unhooked in my shoulder, and it just couldn't haul my arm all the way up there.

Orthopedist doesn't think it's a torn rotator cuff or anything romantic like that — probably just my bicep tendon peeling off the ball part of the joint. Nice that it doesn't hurt, but it bothers me that I seem to be falling apart all of a sudden.

Beautiful image, though, ain't it?

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